The FHTbot was created as a result of a joint effort between Hackerspace Adelaide and Flinders University as an educational tool to provide insights into the following.

The internet of things.

  • Showing how a device can be easily set up as a secure WIFI Hotspot.
  • Allowing most major web browsers to connect and control a real world device and take real time control over it, without the need to install 3rd party applications on the device.

Basic robotics.

  • Control motors.
  • Using sensors to perceive the world around it.
  • Provide visual, auditory, temperature and web client feedback.
  • A control system to give the FHTbot basic and complicated commands to perform tasks.


  • Geometry based navigation system allows students to control the FHTbot and see the FHTbot turn to the angle and proceed to the destination, put simply if you tell the bot to turn right 90 degrees it will turn right, turning 180 degrees will turn and face the opposite direction.


  • The FHTbot was designed to be able to be driven like a remote control car.
  • The FHTbot was designed to accept a pre – programmed course.
  • The FHTbot has an assisted drive mode to help young and inexperienced drivers.

We all hope you have as much fun with this FHTbot as we did designing it for you.


FHTbot Concept

Damian Kleiss

Hardware Design

Damian Kleiss
Denholm Hale

Software and Web Design

Tilden Groves
Alexander Battarbee

Creative Inspiration

Jonathan Wheare
Andrew Lammas
Robyn Willison
Anthony Martin
Royce Messenger

External Code and Graphics

freedesignfile… Graphics
Alexandra Etienne and Jerome Etienne… Virtual Joystick
Marijn Haverbeke… Acorn JS Interpreter
The developers of Google Blockly


Hackerspace Adelaide
Flinders University